Infuse a new digital mindset in your organization
A unique 4-month educational program backed by Bloovi Me, Google and BAM.
Recruit the best digital natives
How to employ a DMA-Graduate?
DMA is part of Bloovi Me's young potential recruitment offering. These are two solutions by means of which you can employ a DMA-Graduate at your organization.
Recruit a fixed team member

This solution allows you to recruit a fixed-term team member immediately (fixed hire) or after a trial period (try and hire)

Recruit talent temporarily

This solution enables you to hire a DMA-Graduate for a pre-determined time (internship or student job) without committing to a fixed hire. 

The Unique DMA Approach
The value of Digital Masters Academy lies in the approach we apply to train highly motivated and capable DMA-Graduates

We target digital natives from different relevant academic backgrounds

Train & certify

We train and certify them with the best digital marketing practices

Select & place

We select and place the best DMA-Graduates to match your specific business needs 

Guide & coach

We guide and coach the DMA-Graduates to reach tangible business results

Kristof Gilleman
e-Services & Applications Manager at Proximus | DMA 2016-2017
Digital Masters Academy was a great opportunity for two reasons. On the one hand, the young graduates were of great added value to different projects. On the other hand, we were able to assess their capabilities, test their skills and hire them permanently. That’s an opportunity you do not have when you’re recruiting in a conventional way.
More than 100 companies ...
... are a partner of the Digital Masters Academy. During the DMA program you'll get the opportunity to meet your future employers, who are key players in diverse markets and ready to recruit your marketing potential.
Educational Partners
These Universities, University Colleges, Management and Business Schools have partnered with us to offer you Digital Masters Academy.
Crunching numbers
have already enrolled in Digital Masters Academy
Universities, University Colleges, Management and Business Schools are offering Digital Masters Academy to more than 100 different fields of study.
of companies that hired a DMA-Graduate in 2017 will re-conduct their experience in 2018
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Meet the Digital Masters Academy team. Got any questions? We will be happy to answer them. Just drop us an e-mail at

Thomas Doutreligne
Thomas Doutreligne
DMA Career Coach
Dag Thielemans
Dag Thielemans
DMA Career Coach
Raf Schroons
Raf Schroons
DMA Career Coach
Camille Meert
Camille Meert
Managing Partner Bloovi Me
Thierry Bronchart
Thierry Bronchart
DMA Business Partner Manager
Cindy Kuys
Cindy Kuys
DMA Recruitment Manager
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