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By 2020, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital knowledge. Online marketing will provide a robust basis for all jobs in the digital sector. With the Digital Masters Academy we want to boost digital competences of the new generation, as they will be the growth engine of our digital economy. 

Digital Masters Academy is a partnership between Google, Bloovi Me, schools and universities to increase the digital competences in Belgium. The program is a combination of theory and practice: graduates have at least 3 Google Certificates (*) and have launched a digital marketing plan for a real NGO

(*) Covering SEO, SEA, social media strategy, email marketing, Google AdWords and Google Analytics

 The Unique DMA Solution

  We target digital natives from different relevant academic backgrounds  

 We train & certify them with the best digital marketing practices    

  We select & place the best DMA-Graduates to match your specific business needs  

  We guide & coach the DMA-Graduates to reach tangible business results

A solution for both your marketing and HR

Transform your marketing approach

 Hire a DMA-Graduate (full- or parttime)

  • 2 to 4 months between February and September 2018
  • Hands-on: the DMA-Graduate executes a variety of digital marketing challenges
  • Regular monitoring by Bloovi Me
  • Pay only for what you need, no cure no pay

Hire a DMA-Team (full- or parttime)

  • 2 to 4 months between February and September 2018
  • Minimum 2 DMA-Graduates, guided and coached by a senior digital coach
  • Refining of your needs with your coach before the start of the project and regular check points during the assignment
  • Pay only for what you need, no cure no pay

Identify and attract your future digital talents

 Try & Hire 

  • The ability to assess if the skills and personality fit the company’s requirements
  • The possibility to hire the DMA-Graduate at the end of a successful assignment
  • Bloovi Me facilitates the hiring conditions with the DMA-Graduate


 Boost your employer branding

  • A visibility to 4,000 students within 16 different schools
  • Associate your name to the DMA program as from 5 DMA Graduates
  • The possibility for tailored employer branding as from 10 DMA Graduates

A full pallet of services for a great experience

The skills I need: all DMA-Graduates are successfully graduated from the DMA and have the right hard and soft skills 

 The perfect match: we screen and evaluate the DMA-Graduates based on your needs and company culture

   The follow-up & guidance: during the assignment, Bloovi Me accompanies you to secure the success of your mission

The administrative handling: we facilitate your life and handle all administrative aspects and related reporting

The relationship with the schools: we follow with the schools the DMA evaluation during and after assignment

  The expenses and remuneration: we take care of the expenses and (eventual) remuneration of the DMA-Graduate

Hire your DMA-Graduate now & give your digital business a boost!

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Crunching numbers


students in 16 different Belgian schools and universities are participating in DMA in 2017-2018.


of companies that hired a DMA-Graduate in 2017 will re-conduct their experience in 2018.


of DMA-Graduates have been hired by the company after their assignment in 2017.

Find out how last year's DMA-Graduates boosted the digital marketing of the participating companies! 

Over 100 companies...

... are a partner of the Digital Masters Academy. They are active in diverse sectors and offer a broad range of tasks regarding online marketing to their interns. 


The Digital Masters Academy was a great opportunity for two reasons. On the one hand, the young graduates were of great added value to different projects. On the other hand, we were able to assess their capabilities, test their skills and hire them permanently. That’s an opportunity you do not have when you’re recruiting in a conventional way.

Kristof Gilleman 

e-Services & Applications Manager at Proximus

DMA 2016-2017

The Digital Masters Academy was a great experience. I got the chance to obtain my Google certificates and the hands-on experience really is a plus. Especially setting up a real online marketing campaign was really exciting. All that I've learned, I can put into practice for the clients of Seal Jobs today.

Arthur 't Kindt 

Digital Marketing Specialist at Seal Jobs | DMA Graduate 2015-2016

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