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A unique 4-month educational program backed by NedWorks, Google and BAM.
The Program
All the participating students have to complete the following components to become a qualified DMA-Graduate and obtain the DMA certificate.
With the knowledge gained during each interactive session, DMA students will be able to obtain the required Google certificates after completing the exams in Digital Atelier, Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Ads Search and Google Analytics. These certificates enable them to run their very own Ad Grants Campaign.
Practical assignment
Together with their team of fellow DMA students, they will submit a Digital Marketing Plan and launch their own Ad Grants Campaign for a nonprofit organization. Students will strengthen their consultancy skills and after the campaign, they will formulate their results and key learnings in the Post Campaign Report.
Student jobs, internships, full-time employment
During this stage, students will learn the best practices on how to present themselves and convince market leaders of their motivation and expertise, while further developing their digital skills on the go.
Academic Partners
These Universities, University Colleges, Management and Business Schools have partnered with us to offer Digital Masters Academy to their students. In line with your needs and goals, we offer different levels of services. For more information, please contact
Silver Partners
Education Partner
Hugo Couck
DMA School Ambassador @EHSAL Management School
As a DMA Ambassador for EHSAL Management School Brussels (EMS), I can recommend Digital Masters Academy to every EMS student. DMA Graduates have the future before them! It is a fantastic program that we started four years ago at EHSAL Management School Brussels (EMS) together with NedWorks and Google, and the next academic year we offer DMA again. Students who participate in this program until the end have a step ahead in the job market. They can take great lessons given by Google specialists, obtain 3 certificates and set up a digital campaign for a nonprofit organization. After graduated from DMA, they have the opportunity to obtain a relevant job in the digital sector.
Crunching numbers
have already enrolled in Digital Masters Academy
Universities, University Colleges, Management and Business Schools are offering Digital Masters Academy to more than 100 different fields of study.
of companies that hired a DMA-Graduate in 2017 will re-conduct their experience in 2018
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