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Google, Bloovi Me and many institutions of higher education have joined forces. Their aim is to strengthen your digital marketing skills and to offer you an ultimate tool to develop your inner 'Digital Native'.

During this program, you will learn everything there is to know about Google Adwords, Google Analytics and general online marketing. Once you have completed the program successfully we will match you with the most suitable employer. Are you ready for a head start on your future career in a fast-paced digital environment? Discover the program now!

The Program

  • Training
    September - October 2017 or February - March 2018
    Develop your digital knowledge through on-site interactive sessions by Googlers and parts of self-study. Covered topics include Digital Landscape, Digital Atelier, AdWords Fundamentals and Google Analytics.
  • Practical Assignment
    November - December 2017 or April - May 2018
    Run a real campaign in team for an NGO and make a social impact.
  • DMA Graduation
    December 2017 or May 2018
    Hard work pays off! You receive your Digital Masters Academy certificate and we meet you in person to search and find the perfect match for your motivation.
  • Internship & Student Jobs
    February - September 2018 or June - January 2019
    Learn the best practices on how to present yourself. Convince key companies of your motivation and competences. Continue to develop your digital skills on the go.
The Digital Masters Academy was a great experience. I got the chance to obtain my Google Certificates and the hands-on experience really is a plus. Especially setting up a real online marketing campaign was really exciting. All that I've learned I can put in practice for the clients of Seal Jobs today.

Artur 'T Kindt

Digital Marketing Specialist at Seal Jobs

DMA Graduate 2015-2016 @ EHSAL Management School

Academic Partners

A bright future

With the skill set and hands-on experience you obtain in the Digital Masters Academy, you are ready to kick-start a career in digital business. The following online marketing domains will have no secrets for you anymore:

Google Analytics: the setup, management and interpretation of data through the Analytics platform.
Google AdWords: the setup and management of campaigns on the AdWords platform.
Search Engine Optimization: perform keyword analysis and define the best SEO strategy. 
Web Analytics: the creation of dashboards, definition and measurement of KPI's and many more.
Digital Marketing Strategy: creating a successful digital marketing plan. 
Social Media and E-mail Marketing: how to create impact on social media & influence communities.

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Over 100 companies...

... are a partner of the Digital Masters Academy. They are active in diverse sectors and offer a broad range of tasks regarding online marketing to their interns. 




Learning by doing is what it is all about. The Academy gives a lot of new exciting opportunities. Not only did I get the chance to attend the Digital First conference, I also got to meet tons of interesting people and companies. Every student that wishes to continue their future career in a digital environment is not only introduced to several hot topics in the online marketing field, but also to the jobmarket in a professional way. This gives DMA graduates a head start.

Pieter-Jan De Smet

The Reference

DMA Graduate 2016-2017 @ EHSAL Management School

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